Differences Between a Lifejacket and Swim Vest

If you have kids in the house, you summertime is when kids love to have fun in the water, be it the pool or the beach. You would be looking into some floatation devices. With so many names literally ‘floating’ around, it does get a bit confusing which one is the right for you to make a purchase. Life jackets are probably the best floatation device that you can lay your hands-on, and it works well if you are frequently a lot of water-based activities, especially natural water bodies. It helps to keep your head above water in case of any emergency like situation, and you will not be in danger of drowning. The life jacket comes in various sizes, and you can pick the one that fits you snugly. There is a need to wear life jackets especially when you are in deep open waters when you perform such activities

All About Best Life Jacket

Underage children have to wear them by default when in a watercraft as well. You can shop for life jackets but sure to see the certification before purchase. A good life jacket is expensive but provides you with the best safety during emergencies and can save your life or the life of your loved one. The life jacket comes with an instructional pamphlet giving the directions as to how to wear them in case of an emergency. There is a complete guide for the user to know other water safety concerns that have to be followed.

Life jackets come in two kinds type I and type II. The type II are bulkier, and they are for the non-swimmers and kids who aren’t comfortable being water, people are venturing in deep waters alone. The bulkiness attributes to keeping the person afloat for a long time in any waters. Because of this, it can be uncomfortable for movement and may feel weighed down for adventure sports. The other category is lightweight and most adventure sport loving people would prefer it as it is a form fit and lighter and helps for easy movement. But doesn’t provide as much protection as the one above.

All About Swim Vest

A swim vest is a swimming aid and helps a beginner to learn to float on water while learning to swim. It helps to keep the child’s head above water at all times. You can find swim vests in varying sizes and colours so that they are attractive for the kids to pick and use. These vests are made of neoprene material, so the user doesn’t feel cold, and the buoyancy is maintained. There is a strap that is put in-between the legs to secure the wearer after it is zipped up at the front.

Differences Between Life Jacket & Swim Vest

  • A life jacket gets used for all age groups, provided each one buys the right size and fit.
  • A life jacket is for proper safety gear and used in emergencies
  • These are expensive and last long.
  • These don’t need to be inflated.
  • They have to certified by various standards before they are sold
  • Mostly used for safety purposes
  • The swim vest is used mostly for children with a certain age and weight.
  • A swim vest is a swimming aid 
  • They are cheaper and can tear easily.
  • These have to be inflated
  • These need not be certified.
  • Mostly used for recreational purposes

There must be a clear focus on water safety at all times by parents and make sure that floatation devices are used at all times, and with small children, there has to be adult supervision.