Best Snorkel Vest 2020 For Adults and Kids

Exploring the ocean is an experience that anyone would like to have, but sometimes the ocean can be dangerous if you don’t use the proper safety. During snorkelling, it doesn’t matter how calm the ocean looks like it can change in a couple of minutes according to the weather, for that we should always be ready to protect ourselves. Snorkel vest comes in different sizes for both adults and children. 

Top 5 Best Swim Vest For Adults and Kids

Compared to the life jacket, snorkel vest has more safety in water for the people who like to be a little more adventurous. Snorkel vest keeps the head out of the water, whether the water in on its high. A good snorkel vest helps you to feel more comfortable and can save your life. Finding a reliable snorkel vest can be hard sometimes, that’s why we made a list of top 5 products according to the quality and price.

#1. Scuba Cruiser Snorkelling Vest For Adults

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A reputed brand offers a great quality deal, and this led us to Scubapro Cruiser Snorkeling Vest. This snorkelling vest is made up of premium quality material to ensure longer durability. Design is the primary thing we love about it along with the colour choice. 

You get a comfortable fit from the same. It comes at an affordably reasonable point, which ensures a safer selection, and you can rely on it. Even, it comes with a convenient pocket for storing personal effects and floating with ease. Such factors make it reliable to use.

Pros – 

  • Available for affordable price point; depend upon size.
  • Built quality is remarkable with premium in-hand feel. 
  • It helps you float on water with ease. 
  • The oral inflator is easy to flow and doesn’t take much time.
  • It is designed for kids and adults.

Cons – 

  • The fitting might be an issue for few.
  • Some might consider it expensive.

#2. Phantom Aquatics Jacket Style Zippered Snorkel Vest For Adult


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When it comes to buying a quality product, you must have to spend a bit extra but this product proves such statements wrong. Well, Phantom Aquatics Jacket Style Zippered Snorkel Vest is an affordable product of choice with all the basic features that you want at one place. 

It is available in two different colour options. Even it is a heavy-duty product, and it is reflected with three reflective tapes that ensure the best use of it. Having a convenient pocket lets you put some personal stuff inside the pocket, which makes it reliable for many.

Pros – 

  • It comes with the heavy-duty zipper closer.
  • It has durable bright Yellow Nylon construction.
  • Waist straps are adjustable, easy to fit. 
  • It has Neoprene back, which added comfort.
  • Roller edge collar for an extra layer of comfort.

Cons – 

  • It can cause rashes around the skin, so be selective.

#3. Rrtizan Inflatable Snorkel Vest For Kids & Adults

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A portable option in the whole list is Rrtizan Adult Inflatable Snorkel Vest Portable Life Jacket for Men. It comes in four different colour options that shine in the sea. It has a fast inflation option, and it is very convenient for snorkelling, which makes it highly reliable. 

The best thing is, it is an adjustable and portable option, so most of the people love carrying it in their travel bag also. The outer layer is made up of durable canvas material for the best durability, which ensures safer and reliable use. Tearing the surface of this vest is hard to even with a sharp object.

Pros – 

    • It comes in plenty of colour choices.
    • It is made up of quality canvas material for durability.
    • It is very lightweight in terms of the design factor.
    • One of the cheapest options, among others.

Cons – 

  • Durability is a concern after several uses for months.

#4. Seal Buddy Inflatable Snorkel Vest  

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In case you want very cheap priced snorkel vest, which gets the job done without causing any issue is Seal Buddy Inflatable Snorkel Vest. It has a small footprint but large buoyancy, which makes it a highly reliable and better option to consider the selection of other products.

It is a Horse collar over the neck style, which lets you float on water with ease, and using the snorkel vest is also a very easy option. Due to this reason, you can find it a highly reliable option. The last thing, a bonus mesh bag is also included with the vest so you can rely on it.

Pros – 

  • Bonus Mesh bag included for free. 
  • Lightweight option with genuine quality material. 
  • It comes at a cheap price point as you look at the price and compare it.
  • It is Horse collar over the neck style for the better floating experience.
  • Comes with Waist & crotch straps for proper support. 

Cons – 

  • Single colour choice available. 

#5. Innovative Scuba Snorkel Vest For Kids & Adults

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Due to several positive reviews and genuine price of Innovative Scuba Concepts Innovative Scuba Snorkel Vest, it seems like a genuine option for sure. It comes in three different colour choices to help you find the perfect one with ease. This vest is helpful to add a good amount of buoyancy while snorkelling to make you stay above water even in high waves. You can use adjustable straps and put them tight around your neck so that it doesn’t come out easily in strong waves.

Pros – 

  • Buoyancy while snorkelling for better support.
  • Adjustable straps let you wear it perfectly. 
  • Genuine built quality for a genuine price point. 
  • Durable choice as it is made up of 210 deniers urethane-coated nylon.
  • Intuitive screw-down oral inflation

Cons – 

  • Improper use can drown you into the water, so follow instructions with this product.

Buying Guide – Important Aspects That Matters A Lot

Before buying a product, you should always keep in mind what features you should be looking for, whether it can be a comfort or protection.

  • Types – There are mainly two types in snorkel vest, the horse collar, and snorkel jacket. Both provide good qualities with different features. Both vests include internal bladder, which can be accessed orally and has durable materials.
  • Properties – Horse collar vests come in only one size, which can be fitted with the help of straps, but if your shorts, it ends up being too long sometimes. If you want to buy a  vest that has UV protection, then you should go for a snorkel jacket as it will protect you from the sun and keep you warm in the water.  
  • Sizes – Snorkel jackets come in different sizes which can fit everyone. These jackets will take more space in your travel bag as compared to horse collar vest.
  • Material – Snorkel vests come in different material types as one can be better than others. One of the most common material is nylon, as it is lightweight and feel more comfortable around the collar. Canvas material is also used to invest, but it feels more rough and thicker as this material absorbs water, which makes it heavy in the water.

Such materials can be helpful to keep you warm when the water is cold. So, you should choose accordingly.

The Final Verdict

When you’re buying a snorkel vest, keep in mind that you should get the one with high-quality material. Considering the above mentioned and buying guide will come in handy to grab a quality deal. For kids its safe to buy life jackets for kids with their appropriate size which is more reliable compared to swim vest.

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