How to Clean & Sanitize Your Life Jacket

When you return from a fishing trip or take it by boat for a lazy Sunday, no one likes to do the tedious stuff. No one wants fishing rods, beer coolers, tackle boxes, or bags full of sunscreen, hats, food, and other essentials. It always feels that there is much more to deal with when water returns from there. Nevertheless, we do this to keep everything clean, organized, and ready to rock for the next sea walk. But do you know the exact time when you cleaned your life jacket?

Do you know that our Life jackets are one of the essential pieces of equipment on your boat? These jackets save many people’s life. By keeping them promptly accessible and actualizing their utilization, you are ensuring everybody on board your boat. Sadly, singular buoyancy gadgets are regularly not given the regard they require on dry land that they get on the water. Now, if you think that, why should you clean & sanitize your life jackets, especially kids life jacket. So let me clear you that It is one of the most important & regular for several reasons

Why You Need To Clean a Life Jacket

  • Mould and Mildew: when your jackets have been stowed away wet, you can see mould and mildew on your life jackets. If you do not allow them to dry thoroughly, you will deal with the slightest dirt.
  • Dirt and Grime: It is quite obvious to get in specks of dust of mud, sand, or your child’s melty ice cream sandwich when you’re outdoors. And these are the reasons for those life jackets that are going to get messy fast.
  • Smell: In addition to mildew and mould odour, a variety of odours will destroy your lifetime. Smoke, saltwater, beer, perfume, and fish are just some of the things that will be washed away in your jacket.

Wear a dirty, smelly life jacket during a beautiful day on the water feels very awkward for you and your passengers. So these are the reasons that clarify why you should clean these jackets?

Steps To Clean a Life Jacket

Scrubbing: You should use this method when you want to remove mould, mildew, from your jackets, or want to remove pesky stains. Follow below steps for scrubbing:

  • Always Scrub your life jacket with a soft bristle brush to remove most mildew, mould, and stains. 
  • Take hydrogen peroxide and mix it with water. Now pour this mixture on the spots directly. Soak the life jacket under sunlight for about one hrs. 
  • After properly soaking your life jacket, brush it again with and rinse it off.
  • Hang the life jacket(s) where direct sunlight is coming, & they will be able to dry completely.

Steps To Sanitize a Life Jacket 

This is another option for sanitizing life jackets, But this method requires more time than the previous one. It would help if you had a strong arm, and an area you don’t mind getting a little wet. In this method, bring your life jackets to a place where you can clean them comfortably, throw a coal tar down, and work.

  • Take a bucket of soap and water mixture to add some liquid laundry detergent into the mix, place all your life jackets on the cover. You should use the cover or the tarp to protect the fabric of the life jackets.
  • After clean one side twice of the life jackets, flip them over onto the backside and brush it down a couple of times too. If you apply this way, each side of life jackets will be clean. 
  • Remember one thing that you have to soak for about thirty minutes before you turn it back over for another, though quicker, scrub. 
  • Now scrub them two to four times, rinse off with clean water to remove any traces of soap. Now hang them up to dry, in the direct sunlight.