Best Inner Tube Float 2020 – Price & Review

Inner Tube Floats are fun and they can be a delight when you visit a lazy river. You can ride these tubes and that is the best thing to do you with your friends on a hot summer day. You can go ahead and purchase one if you do not have one such Inner Tube. You will come across some such tubes that are easily available in the market and they come with a ball or many such goodies which can make the summer evening more enjoyable. In an era when the backyard pools are common, you can go ahead and use these inner tubes float in a backyard pool as well.

Top 5 Best Inner Tube Float For Water Sport

Below are the top 5 best inner tube floats for water sports that are available in the market. You can check them out below and purchase the one which you like. To help you, we have also listed the Pros and Cons of each of these Inner Tube Float. If you wish to purchase one such Inner Tube Float then you are at the right place as we have listed some of the best inner tube floats in the market. Check them out in the list below.

#1. Intex River Run I Sport Lounge Inflatable Water Float

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The first one on our list is a water float inner tube from the Intex River. This is the best one in the market and it is loaded with the features. The float comes with a backrest, cup holders and even grab robes. This inflatable tube can be used by 1 person at a time and you can also find the models that can be used by two people at once. There is a durable valve in this tube and overall, the tube is one of the best that you will find in the market. The backrest makes the rides very comfortable which is the best part of this tube. Purchase this one without a doubt and grab your whole group for a lazy afternoon.

  • It comes with a backrest to support the back and a mesh bottom to keep you cool.
  • Comes with grab ropes
  • Also has 2 cup holders for the users


  • Comes with 2 handles
  • Affordable price
  • Comes with backrest


  • Nothing that we could notice

#2. Bradley River Tube with Patented Heavy Duty Cover

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Next on our list is a tube from Bradley. This is perfect for the rivers as this pack comes with a heavy-duty cover and an inner tube. The diameter of the cover is 42 inches when it is deflated but it is 36 inches when it is inflated to full level. The tube can easily handle the kids with a weight limit of 100 lbs. Talking about the cover, this is made of a plastic-coated canvas which makes this very durable. In addition to this, the tube offers a lot of protection against the branches and small rocks which increase the usable life of the tube. The brand also provides 5 inches aluminium quick links as well.

  • This inner tube can be used differently with Snow tube cover which makes it much more flexible.
  • The set includes a tube and a cover.
  • Adult triple tubes are also available in this design.


  • Comes in many different colours
  • Made of the plastic-coated canvas top
  • Comes with a 5-inch aluminium quick link


  • Not big enough for large rivers.

#3. Hornet Sport Tube Inflatable Water Float


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On number 3, we have an inner tube from Hornet. This tube is a large 40 inch tube which amazing buoyancy. The tube can easily hold the guy with above-average weight without any trouble. The rubber valve system of this tube is also quite amazing which makes it even more durable. There is a cap and a long metal stem that is tucked inside and thus they are protected from bruises as well. The tube can even be used with a snow cover and thus you can slide is snow while using the tube during winters.

  • The quality of this tube is quite amazing as this can easily take the weight of even 200 lbs. guy.
  • The quality is good and it is quite durable even during the long term usage.
  • Best used in closed pools and snow.


  • Quite versatile as it can be used for watersports as well as in snow.
  • The valve system is highly durable and it is tucked away.
  • Can be used with snow covers


  • It is a slightly expensive tube on the list.


#4. Hill & Amber Palm Tree Pool Float with A Detachable Play Ball

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Next on the list is an inner tube from Hill & Amber. This one comes with a detachable play ball which is perfect for closed pools. The inner tube comes with a cover and it is made of thick material which lets you use this tube at a beach, river, lake even a pool. The valve is made of high quality and it supports rapid inflation/deflation and it also supports slow inflation and deflation. The material used here is totally non-toxic. Overall, we would recommend this tube from Hill & Amber and you can go ahead with the purchase if you are looking for an affordable yet durable option.

  • It has dimensions of 47 inches and a load capacity of 500 lbs.
  • Comes with a 12-month warranty 
  • Floats are 25% thicker which provides more durability.


  • Made of skin-friendly material.
  • Comes with a slow and rapid inflation system
  • Very affordable when it comes to price.


  • It doesn’t come with the bottom.

#5. BigMouth Inc Beautiful Butterfly River Tube

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This is the last product on our list and if you are looking for a tube that comes with really amazing designs then this could be the best choice for you. These tubes are durable and they are made of 18 gauge vinyl which is relatively puncture-proof. The tube also comes with a grab and latch rope along with a cup holder as well. There is a mesh seat in this river tube which makes it more comfortable and these tubes are 4 feet wide which makes them a lot more stable. Lastly, the company also includes a patch kit in this tube set.

  • Available in 5 cool designs that are unisex.
  • It comes with a cup holder which is again quite handy.
  • It comes with a patch kit in case of a puncture.


  • Available in multiple designs and is also available in a 4 feet long design.
  • Made of a highly durable gauge vinyl.
  • Made of multiple chambers which improves the stability of the tube.


  • Slightly Expensive

Buying Guide To Choose Best Inner Tube For Water Sports

Here is a short buying guide for Inner Tube. You can go ahead and check out the points that you must consider while making the purchase.


  • Handle – The first thing that you would like to check is if your tube comes with a handle. The grip is the most important and we would really recommend you to purchase an inner tube with the handles. Avoid the ones without the handles as they do not have any space to hold on to.
  • Bottom Mesh & Canvas – Check if there is a canvas at the bottom of the tube. This makes the ride comfortable for you and you are not in direct contact with the water. You may also choose one of the tube that comes with canvas. 
  • Connectors for Multiple Tubes – If you plan for group activities then you can check and purchase the tube which comes with connectors. This way, you can like multiple tubes together. They prove to be really handy when you are riding along with the children.
  • Durability and Material Check the quality of material that is used to manufacture the inner tube. Ensure that the material is durable and at the same time, it should be puncture-proof. You can check if it is possible to repair the puncture in case of any such issue.
  • Cup Holder Imagine sipping your beer or a cold drink while you are using the cup. All this is possible if your tube comes with a cup holder. Again, you can check if this is a desired feature and if you really need it or not.
  • Cost and Review – Another important thing here is the cost of the tube. Check that the tube should be in your budget. Another thing that you can check is for colours and designs.  You can choose some amazing designs for the kids and you can opt for the normal ones for yourself. The last thing to check is the review of the inner tube. You can seek suggestions from your friends as well.

Final Verdict

We have listed the top 5 Inner Water Tube along with the buying guide. To get all the information about these tubes, you can visit the product page and you can even go ahead and check out the deals applicable to these inner tubes.

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