How To Choose the Right Size Life Jacket – Why Size Matters

How To Choose the Right Size Life Jacket – Why Size Matters

Life jackets are so much more useful for people who are into water sports, and there are several professions wherein you would require one. Safety is the primary concern; it would be disastrous to venture out into the water without having safety apparel. Life jackets are also known as life vests, are personal floatation devices that allow the wearer to stay afloat in case of emergency. The life jacket helps keep the person afloat in an upright position so that they can keep their head above water and be able to breathe. Learn more about how do you size a life jacket.

How to Pick the Right Size?

When a person goes to buy a life jacket, he has to try it on and see that it fits well because one size fits policy doesn’t work here. There are different sizes for various ages and body types. You could go in for chest measurements, and with those specifications, you can pick a right-sized life jacket for your self. The best way to test whether the size of the life jacket is just right for you is to see if you can place three fingers in the gap between the shoulder and the vest. If it is possible, then the vest is too large for you.

There are different kinds of vests depending on what you would be doing when wearing them. Life Jackets for water sports, you will find the there are special life vests known as the competition vests. Competition vests or jackets are lightweight and form-fitting. They are made flexible so that the person can make easy movements when wearing them and not get weighed down by them. They will float you in case of an emergency event but doesn’t guarantee your head above water, which is why the coast guards do not approve it. Here is more information on how do you size a life jacket.

A normal life jacket is bulkier and is approved by the coast guards; it keeps the wearer in an upright position as well as the head above the water. Though nylon is the most used material and is cheaper for the bulk of what life jackets that are found in the market are made of. There is another kind that is made from neoprene, which is lightweight, and it is also used to make wetsuits. Vests made from this material are softer and form fit well and hence allow the wearer more mobility. It is warmer than nylon, though it is pricer than nylon vests and are mostly used as Fishing Life Jacket

What are Life Jackets Made Of?

Life jackets are made from nylon fabric, closed-cell foam, non-corrosive plastic zippers, and snaps strapping and reflective tape. Each product is quality controlled because it is a safety product, and the person’s life is dependent on that. Hence high manufacturing standards along with procuring high-end raw materials for making them as it passes through a lot of quality assessments before it sold in the market. The life jackets undergo a rigorous manufacturing process; there are definite steps that are followed to make one great life jacket

  • Creating markers for the jacket
  • Preparing the nylon to be put on the vest
  • Cutting the pattern that gives the right fit
  • Cutting the foam to the right size to go into the vest.
  • Finally, assembling the pieces and giving it the required shape.
  • The finishing touches are then provided to make it seamless
  • When the vest is done, it is sent for quality control.

If you don’t pick the right size, there is a danger that you may slip out of one when inflated, and it won’t serve the purpose.